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Power supply repair

If you have a power supply that fails or it is damaged,

If you need a quick repair at a price lower than buying a new unit.

M.J.Priniotakis SA industrial repair services can provide repair and refurbishment of any type of switching or linear power supply like:

  • Industrial power supply
  • Medical power supply
  • HV capacitor charger (laser)
  • AC,DC motor drives
  • Medical monitors
  • DC/DC converters
  • Inverters

Most of repairs are performed within 7 to 10 days. With priority repair we can ship in 2-4 days.

We guarantee our repair services for 6 months

Send now a repair request or call us to give you free evaluation and repair quote.

At M.J.Priniotakis SA we do component level repairs, replacing bad components, through hole, as well as surface mounted. Also comformal coating and sealers are reapplied as needed.

Our service facilities and operating systems are specifically designed for redesigning and repairing power electronic products .The staff consists of experienced power electronics engineers and technicians with more than 20 years in business.


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